We founded in 1964. We are founder booster pump in IRAN


Koushesh Industrial Company was established by Mr. Moosa, Mr. Essa and Mr. Hashem Ghomizadeh and Mrs. Akram Atri in 1964 to be at the service of our beloved homeland of Iran, in the area of urban water industry and water supply as well as pressure supply system. It took its first steps in those years and worked on a vast importation of water supply, installation and agricultural equipment, including kinds of pumps. There were two large pump manufacturing companies in Germany in that time, named KSB and LOEWE. Koushesh Ind. Co. received representation of Loewe Pumps of Germany and through importation of horizontal, vertical, piston, circulator and in-line pumps; it could meet a part of domestic demands to the land. We made decision to cooperation with the booster pump manufacturing companies in France. The booster pump systems of Guinard Company had much more advantages than other booster pumps so we established a vast cooperation with Guinard Company. By the business trip of French engineers and technicians, supervised by Mr. John Susini to Iran the relationship of Koushesh Ind. Co. and Guinard reached its highest level and the consequences of this relationship was a know-how transfer of booster manufacturing from France to Iran. We are proud of being the founder of booster pump systems in Iran.


During recent years, the Company made an innovation. Manufacturing vertical pumps and the closed couple horizontal pumps is a new design in Iran and is able to meet demands of majority of people in Iran. Another activity of Koushesh has been manufacturing and assembly of water supply, fire fighting and irrigation booster pumps. Benefiting from related standards and manufacturing high quality parts are among the advantages of this Company.
During forty years of experience, we have been working with following companies:
Loewe, Albin, Vema, Utile, Ideal, Guinard, ABS, Lee-Howl, Espa, HPC, DAB, Escopower, Super Ace, Goulds, Soncini, Windsor, Elbi, Ibaiondo, Wellmate, Speroni, F.F.D.

Manufacturing high quality products is one of the goals followed by this company; thus, it tries to use modern technology in its products and uses international relations and experiences in any conditions. Koushesh Ind. Co. has been doing its best to be one of the pioneer companies in design and manufacturing desirable water supply systems with highest certainly coefficient and least energy consumption and dynamism in production path.
Koushesh Ind. Co. is a familiar name for the engineers and experts in installations affairs and it has been a great honor for this company that it has already cooperated with installation and constructional companies in many of their large and small scale project. We do wish to witness this cooperation in future as well and further with to have the opportunity to serve our beloved hometown, Iran.


Company activities

Producer of Domestic Booster Pumps, Fire Fighting Booster Pumps, Irrigation Booster pumps

Producer of Close-coupled Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

Producer of Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

Producer of Control Panel for booster sets, HVAC system

Producer of Stainless Steel Check Valve

Agent Of SPERONI (Italy) in Iran

Distributor of BESSTTANK in Iran

Our Team

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Mr. Majid Abdullahy Nik

Sales Manager

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Mr. Masoud Abdullahy Nik

Factory Manager

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Mr. Amir Hussein Abdullahy Nik

Technical Manager

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Mr. Hashesh Ghomizadeh

Koushesh Manager

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Mr. Shahsavari


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Mrs. Haghighi

Foreign Trade